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The HAYCU story began in a small flat in the quintessential town of Wimbledon by girlfriend and boyfriend, Maddy and Paul.

Both keen followers of fashion and lovers of watches, they began noticing how their friends and family were starting to replace the small timepieces on their wrists in favour of functional digital digits on their smartphones.


Maddy and Paul believe that watches are more than just about telling the time though. They are a statement, a talking point, a small piece of art that has been lovingly put together with extreme accuracy and precision.


Friends that still wore a watch tended to do so because it was a family heirloom or had been bought for them at great expense. However, cheaper, more everyday watches had been cast aside and now never saw the light of day. It was at this point, Maddy and Paul started to realise that their friends may be willing to wear a more affordable watch, if it reflected the quality and beauty of the more expensive or meaningful timepieces that some individuals were lucky enough to own.


As keen designers, Paul and Maddy got to work creating an affordable family of timepieces that were fashionable, elegant and desirable. Even though they wouldn’t cost thousands of pounds, they had to be made from the highest quality parts and with all the precision of a much more expensive watch.


After a year of development, the first HAYCU watches were ready and both Maddy and Paul couldn’t be prouder of them. They are now worn by individuals and celebrities across the globe.